Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Welcome to my blog

I have taken on a new adventure in my life! I'm new to the world of blogging, so here goes my first post! I want to share ideas on how to use meaningful technology in the classroom. This year our school district is implementing full online reading and math programs/curriculum to be used with fidelity through out the district! I personally love to use technology in my classroom. I use it in meaningful ways, where my students are actually engaged, learning, and not just playing games on the computers, iPads, iPods, or tablets. I selectively choose online activities and apps, that will ensure their learning and not just keep them busy. Technology use is one of my strengths in the classroom. To most teachers being crafty and creative comes natural, but for me, I have to ponder, think, look, and get inspiration from sites like Pinterest! But not for technology use; with technology I can create lessons on the smart board as fast as crafty teachers can come up with crafty ideas or activities. I can reboot an iPad or computer or tablet faster than finding those hot glue sticks & turning on a hot glue gun--reason number #1 why I follow all those crafty teachers on Facebook, Pinterest, and now blogs!  My intentions with this blog are to share with teachers and parents how to implement meaningful technology for the classroom and home schooler. Hope you join in and follow me to learn a couple of iPad tricks to keep kids on the apps you want them to use. 


  1. Hi, this is a awesome ideas for us parents thanks for your blog.. I am trying to get my daughter ready for 1st grade next school year; I would like to know what are good math and reading apps we can use.

  2. Hi Crystal! Thank you! Yes I will be sharing some of my favorite apps that I like to use for both reading and math in my own classroom! For now check out "math word problems" by tap fun. I won't be blogging about that app until later though! I did use it this year with my kinders at the end of the year to help them get ready for first grade! Check it out and when I blog about it, I will share ideas on how help your child utilize different strategies (available in the app itself) to solve for the sum or difference!