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When I think about the Internet or technology in my classroom, I think about how it will be beneficial and meaningful to my student' learning. I ask myself two questions:

  1. Are the activities meaningful?
  2. Will their learning be enhanced or reinforced about a unit of study, concept or skill?
For me computers and iPads should never replace direct learning and in my opinion, never, never, to learn about a new concept or skill. When my students use computers or iPads, I ensure that they are learning the majority of the time. There will be times, when we are learning how to manipulate QR codes and that may be the exception. However, whatever activity or app they are using is always connected directly to our unit of study and to the concept or skill we are trying to master. Most importantly it is differentiated. Websites are introduced, apps are pre-set, and in most cases students are assigned a specific activity that will reinforce phonics & phonemic awareness, comprehension, number sense, writing, or language development. 
One of my favorite websites that has differentiated activities for all kindergartners is
This website offers FREE ACCESS to ALL of their activities to ANY PUBLIC, PRIVATE, OR HEADSTART teacher. 
The teacher section is amazing! We have access to numerous math, reading, high-frequency words, pre-school skills printables and then some. We can even create our own printables, plus it has 6 levels of learning for differentiated instruction. 
You can build a class by groups or as a whole. Each student is assigned an avatar and their progress is tracked. Most importantly, you can build lessons with specific activities that will target a skill a student may need help in (phonics or numeracy.) I encourage you to use this website if you are new to using technology in the classroom and are uneasy about iPads or computers. Did I mention this website also has a TUTORIAL on how to use a "mouse" just for KIDS!

If you are a teacher, here is how to get started!!!

1. Go to and click on the school/teachers section. 

2. Select whether your a public, private, or headstart teacher. You will be prompted to create an account (it is 100% free if you provide a school email) 

3. Go to the teachers section and have fun building your class! I recommend you set up your teacher settings first, then student settings. Once that is done, go to class builder and enter your student's names. Levels can be assigned for differentiation!!! At the beginning of the year many of my Kinders are Level 2 or Level 3. Level 6 is the highest (end of kinder.)

This website is perfect for phonics, phonemic awareness, and number sense! Covers ALL Kindergarten foundational skills for Common Core Standards to include some of the Reading Common Core Standards for literature and informational text! I Love it!! Feel free to share or email me with any questions!

Because I love this website so much and use it!! I will also be giving away 3, 1 full year free paid subscription to 3 lucky kids!!

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  1. I want my kids to learn with! Laura B. Mother of 3!

  2. I want my kids to learn with! Kathy C. Mother of 2!