Monday, July 21, 2014

OfficeMax TEACHER Perks

OfficeMax has, I think, the best rewards system for teachers than any other office supplies store! 
Here is why; Today I bought $80 worth of office supplies and I only paid $12 for ALL OF IT! I had a couple of teachers and friends ask how I did it, so here it goes!

  1. Sign-up for the OfficeMax Max Perks TEACHER REWARDS Card, you can either do it online or a store near you! I have provided the link below, click on: MaxPerks Teacher Rewards

So, for every $75 you spend, you earn $10 on your MaxPerks Card. They accumulate over a year, but expire every 3 months (quarterly.) As teachers we SPEND that and then some through out the year, why not get money back!
Also, if you PRINT all the time, for any used, empty, printer cartridge you RECYCLE at any OfficeMax location (any printer, any type, must be in good condition) you earn $2 on your MaxPerks Rewards Card. Today I recycled 3 so that added $6 to my MaxPerks.

2. Once a year they have EXCLUSIVE #TEACHERSCHANGELIVES offers, where you get special coupons in the mail plus whatever % off selected items at the store or online. (click on the picture to learn more)

3. They even have many grants you can apply for and even set up your class for "Adopt-A-Classroom" a way of giving back to school teachers! Here is the link to that info.

The list can go on and on! Click on the links I posted above to join or simply find out more! I receive many MaxPerks Teacher rewards all year long just for being a member , sign up, it's free and easy! 

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