Monday, August 18, 2014

Teacher Week Day 1, Monday

Hey Everyone! This week I will be blogging more than usual because I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' Back to School 2014 Teacher Week!  Let's see if I can actually keep up. I like to keep a weekly schedule with my kids and hubby, so that I'm not ALWAYS on the computer working on "teacher stuff"  and this is what my week in a snap shot will look like if you are following!

And today is 

  • I like to think of myself as a, God follower, wife, mommy, teacher, and yogi. In that order. I met my husband six years ago and were married 7 months later! Together we have 3 beautiful children, two boys and a curious, energetic little girl (that makes me worry, when I think about her starting kindergarten.) She is such a busy, not shy, fearless, confident, little girl! I love and adore my hubby and kids with everything that I am!
  • I'm also a kindergarten teacher, who is passionate about instilling a love of learning in ALL KIDS! NO EXCEPTIONS. I work and teach at a Title I school and hold high expectations for all of them! I love seeing them grow academically, physically, socially, and emotionally! The growth you see at the end of the year, when compared to the beginning, is always mesmerizing for me! 
  • Last year I participated in an teacher testimonial selection. It's was pretty amazing because after so many interviews and data collection, I made the final cut! This is a compilation of several testimonials. I'm at the very end along with my former students! "It gives them self-confidence to love school, to love learning, it's BEAUTIFUL!" FYI, I LOVE ABCMOUSE.COM

  • Lastly, Yoga has become my recent obsession! I began practicing 6 months ago and can't let a week go by without be practicing! I'm into headstands and handstands, go figure! Hot Flow and Power Flow yoga classes are my favorite, I guess because it makes me feel like I BURN AND SWEAT OFF all the unnecessary fat and extra calories! Just Kidding, the truth is, it's my time alone, where I get to ground myself, reflect, refill, and pour myself out again. At the end of the day, it's better to give than to receive. Sometimes that giving can be difficult if our mind and our intentions aren't in the right place.  Having that intentional time to reflect allows me to reorder my thoughts and organize my ideas, allowing me to give freely.
  • And there you go! ~Tchr88

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