Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fall Break is Here and Bats are REAL!

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons along with Spring! I love the smell of ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, and pumpkin lingering and flowing through my kitchen air. Not to mention the leaves falling and the beautiful fall colors (I can see on Instagram posts from other states.) I live in the beautiful Chihuahuan Desert so it's rare to see full fall colors in effect, at the most we get yellow and orange. 
And now, Fall Break! I'm enjoying a whole 5 days off from school, students, administrators, and teachers! I was sure ready for this break and enjoying every single second :). Do you have a fall break?
My students and I kicked off Fall Break with Deanna Jump's Non-Fiction Unit on Bats. As usual and always so much fun with her stuff! I have to say my favorite part of this unit is when students discover bats aren't vampires, they are real, and they don't suck your blood! It's a perfect way to introduce the word "misconceptions" they just "click and get it." After our unit is complete, every single one of my students can explain why bats are indeed real, why they are not vampires, and can make a bat using shapes around us. Have a great long weekend y'all and here are some batty over bats pictures from our lesson!

On day one we make our KWL chart and add stick notes to the "what I learned section" every day. As we learn and discover that bats are real, we recognize and clear up any misconceptions and remove them from "what I know" to our misconceptions section. P.S. I let the students make those connections on their own, when we review, what  we know about bats, and what we have learned.
On day two we label our bat diagram and  talk about a bat's body parts.  We also discover that bat's are really brown not black, they have hair and are mammals.

Day 3 we make our bats during math. We compose bat body shapes from squares and rectangles.  And discuss how we can make shapes from other shapes.

We also gather all of our batty facts on a bat concept map and write a short paragraph together. I lead the discussion by guiding students to use bat facts in complete sentences, then I write them down.


  1. I just read your little bio about going from learning in 5th to beginning K after the year began! Yikes. I taught K for a very long time. I am currently a 1-2 combo teacher in APS but in the E mtns. It is tricky, but not as tricky as what you did. :) Looks like you have a handle on it now though. In November we should be having a bloggy meet up with some other NM bloggers. Hope you can join us. It's always fun.

    1. YES!!! IT WAS YIKES!!! I remember thinking and wondering "how can they (5 year olds) NOT Know how to count! I've got some great 1st year teaching kindergarten stories!!! Yes! I want to join, please keep me updated!! :)