Sunday, December 28, 2014

Fourteen in '14 Linky Party

2014 is coming to an end in just a couple of days! That's only 3 days away to be exact! (or like my husband just mumbled "why are you stating the obvious?) Because I'm blogging my year in review, that's why!! Cheers to a Happy New Year an to this Linky Party hosted by:

My Favorite quote of all time is
 "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."
 By Eleanor Roosevelt
LEGGINGS with Layered tops and boots!

The ending was PERFECT!!

I honestly can't live without 4 shows! I DVR every single one of them 
(and if I have to stay up late on Sunday night, I will, story of my life) 

I Love their Menudo!

Yoga!! I'm a wanna be yogi! But seriously where has Yoga been all my life?
I love the practice, the benefits, the downtime, and the time to reflect and let go!

My hubby spoiled me with an iMac this summer.... 

Still not a big pinner on pinterest! :( But getting there!

My interactive journal blog post just last week. It has over 500 views from all over the world in just one week (even views from Saudi Arabia!) 

I became a seller on Teachers Pay Teachers and a blogger. 

Do I really have to pick just one??

 My sisters... they are true best friends!

I love horseback riding with my hubby.
Submit and score high on the first two components on my quest of achieving National Board Certification!


The joy of the Lord is my Strength!


  1. I wear the leggings with layered tops and boots daily! I LOVE that look!