Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Polar Bear Sneak Peak Supplemental Activities

My winter break is almost over, we go back on Monday for professional development but our student's don't start till the 8th. When do you all go back? What will yo be teaching, practicing, or reviewing? What are your student's expected to "know" by now or this time of year?

Once I get back, we will be doing our backwards planning for the first 3 weeks of our 3rd quarter for the year to include CFA's. Report cards are also due (and I haven't transferred our grades... waahhh) I guess you can say I'm enjoying the winter break with my family and working on some activities for my students, that will reinforce number sense skills.
 I will be focusing on students counting up to 50 (K.CC.1 up to 100) with a deep understanding of before, after, and missing numbers up to 30. I know kindergarten standards only call for up to 20, but I like teaching to the top 25% of my class and scaffolding or differentiating for the rest. I think it's easier bringing up those low kids, than having the high ones "bored or restless." This keeps my class one happy classroom easy to manage (did I mention I'm also full inclusion kindergarten classroom).

We will also take a deep dive into "how many?" and comparing numbers and quantities... hence Number Sense :0 this is so far what some of my supplemental activities will look like! I will be giving away a copy(ies) or perhaps make it a flash freebie on my TPT store! Stay Tuned!

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