Sunday, June 22, 2014

First Day of Kinder Teacher List

Every year getting ready for the first day of kinder, is like the very first day of teaching kindergarten for the very first time for me. I think I'm just as anxious, nervous, but excited, and with butterflies in my stomach just like the kids. 
Then like flood gates being opened, I have parents and kids all walking in at the same time. Some happy and excited, others holding on to their parents with a death grip, scared, and crying. I somehow maneuver myself in the classroom consoling those who are crying and scared; while asking parents to fill out paperwork. In the past, I have forgotten this part. In the midst of tears, laughs, and kids exploring our classroom, I grab the nearest sheet of paper and rapidly try to get every single parent to give me their information before they leave. 
 To avoid that in recent years, here is an example of what I set up on the very first day of kinder! If you're a parent reading this, please give your child's teacher the following information! 

Teacher List......Must have..... 1st day of Kinder

1. Ask your parents how their child will be going home. Here is a template I have designed and immediately lead my parents to that table.

2. Do you have a Kinder Transition Day? After K-3 plus is over, we have one full work week to include professional development without students. Then we re-start with a transition day. On this day, I purposely schedule my parents in, a MONTH in advance. I encourage parents to sign-up weeks ahead then send a reminder. This transition day serves as a Kindergarten overview, expectations, and Q&A time for the remainder of the year. Here is an example of that sign up sheet.

On this day I also have my parents help me set up their child's interactive math and reading journals for kindergarten!

Having these three things up and ready to go, directs your traffic smoothly, you get the important information, all while you try to console those who are crying, nervous, and anxious! Especially, if you don't have a transition day............. as is the case with the K-3 Plus program!


Friday, June 20, 2014

Kindergarten in July

As many of you are packing up your classrooms, getting ready for summer break, well, I am unpacking mine and setting up for our new school year! This is why:

In 2007, House Bill 198 was enacted to establish a fund to allow New Mexico public schools and districts to develop a six year pilot project that extends to the school year for kindergarten through third grade by up to two months for participating students to measure the effect of additional time on literacy, numeric and social skills development. The purpose of K-3 Plus is to demonstrate that increased time in kindergarten and the early grades narrows the achievement gap between disadvantaged students and other students, increases cognitive skills and leads to higher test scores for all participants. The program extends the school year for K-3 by 25 instructional days beginning before school starts. (NMPED Website

 So, what is K-3+?
It is an:
  1. Extended school year, an extension of the regular school year (25 extra instructional days that begin in July.) Only for grades Kinder, 1st, 2nd,  & 3rd.
  2. ALL students are included, not just at risk (or low performing students)
  3. Teachers must use intervention researched based programs that serve ALL STUDENTS
  4. Gives your child a head start!  
  • NOT all Schools sites participate only a selected few, it is best that you check with your local School District.
  • Our district's goal is to have 85% of the student population proficient in math and reading by May 2016
 Here is to another great Year! Good luck and have Fun Learning & Teaching!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Welcome to my blog

I have taken on a new adventure in my life! I'm new to the world of blogging, so here goes my first post! I want to share ideas on how to use meaningful technology in the classroom. This year our school district is implementing full online reading and math programs/curriculum to be used with fidelity through out the district! I personally love to use technology in my classroom. I use it in meaningful ways, where my students are actually engaged, learning, and not just playing games on the computers, iPads, iPods, or tablets. I selectively choose online activities and apps, that will ensure their learning and not just keep them busy. Technology use is one of my strengths in the classroom. To most teachers being crafty and creative comes natural, but for me, I have to ponder, think, look, and get inspiration from sites like Pinterest! But not for technology use; with technology I can create lessons on the smart board as fast as crafty teachers can come up with crafty ideas or activities. I can reboot an iPad or computer or tablet faster than finding those hot glue sticks & turning on a hot glue gun--reason number #1 why I follow all those crafty teachers on Facebook, Pinterest, and now blogs!  My intentions with this blog are to share with teachers and parents how to implement meaningful technology for the classroom and home schooler. Hope you join in and follow me to learn a couple of iPad tricks to keep kids on the apps you want them to use.