Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mrs. Bryant are you Rich?...Am I Rich?

As our day came to an end and were getting ready to go home, one of my student’s asked me; “Mrs. Bryant, are you RICH?”
I chuckled and handed her, her snack and I said, “No, why do you ask?”
When I looked into her eyes, something in my spirit nudged me and I quickly changed my response to, “Wait, NO I AM, I AM the richest person in this school building, because you are my student!” She must have not understood what I meant, because she quickly turned to her friend and told her, “See, I told you, she is rich!” and in an instant they both looked at me with such admiration, I was truly humbled!
It may sound so teacher cliché, but this is the truth! In her five year old thinking, she may not have understood my response, but I know that one day she will grow up and remember those words and realize that I was not talking about monetary richness, but life richness!
I say this because, as we walked out to our pick-up area, her words resounded in the inner most part of my soul and triggered so many reasons on why I AM RICH!
You see, it’ s our natural human instinct to think about “richness” solely as monetary gains and dollars in our bank account, but this is not necessarily true!
Think about all the people in the world who are fully loaded, yet have an emptiness, a void that is destroying them little by little! With no hope, no love, an empty life! They are poor in spirit, but rich in money!
So yes I am Rich!
I am Rich with a spirit filled life!
I am Rich with a husband who loves and cares for me!
I am Rich with children I adore and love!
I am Rich with parents who taught me right from wrong!
I am Rich with sisters who are my best friends!
I am Rich with brothers who are strong, brave, and courageous!
I am Rich with students I teach, love, and nurture!

I am Rich and Blessed to be called Teacher!
And so are you! ~Tchr888


  1. I love this!!! What a fabulous reminder to see the positive in our lives and notice the many ways we are truly "rich." Thanks for sharing this!

    1. :) sometimes children are that reminder!

  2. Hi Laura!

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