Saturday, April 4, 2015

Educents Marketplace

My blog has been collecting tiny little spiderwebs because I have been a busy bee! Here goes my busy bee story.

A couple of days ago a new market place for teachers, homeschooling, parents, and educators launched a new storefront where you can find amazing deals, products, and resources, at discounted prices! IN THE PAST this new marketplace only offered deals that lasted a couple of days, then gone. Now You can find dozens of resources, products, books, and curriculum that basically always stay at discounted prizes! May I introduce:

The reason I'm featuring this marketplace on my blog, is because I had the honor, privilege, and opportunity to be part of the launching team! I was able to work, collaborate, and share ideas with wonderful teachers to make this a reality! We spent weeks making sure we would only provide you with nothing but the best of the best for you, your students and children. Since we love our jobs so much, we are giving away $50 in Edubucks!!!! 
All you have to do is like our new educents store fronts and in return you can download a freebie from each of our stores!!!!!  We all have several freebies, so pick your like!! No linking parties, no blog hoping' all just one click away!! Enjoy and Good Luck!!!

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