Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tchr888 Meets Ecuadorian Teachers

Over the course of this past month, my busy life as a teacher has been quite a journey. One of these experiences is adding to my storybook the opportunity and privilege to collaborate and learn from teacher students from South America, the Country of Ecuador.
Learning from them has been an amazing experience. They are currently teachers in Ecuador and are finishing up their 6-month study abroad courses, and will be going back to work as ESL teachers! Yes! They will be going back to Ecuador and teach English as a Second Language!

Here they are in action!

May I present to you Mr. Fernando, a High School teacher, teaching kindergarten students for the very FIRST TIME and Ms. Sandra an multi-age elementary teacher. 
In their lesson they had to include English Language Learning strategies; while teaching a lesson about their country. 
Can I just say I was so impressed and fascinated by the content of their lesson and activities (I was learning too) I forgot to snap pictures of the activities leading up to their final project! I did learn something new about chocolate and it’s origins, but more, I enjoyed observing them as they taught their lesson. 

It made me realize how much we do as teachers when it comes to prepping and actually teaching a lesson, for kindergarten student's. The attention span of a 5 year old… let me just say, it’s no wonder I always say, “if I could flip over and backwards to engage a student I would!” Next week I get to see them in action again! Can’t wait!

What about you? Have you ever collaborated with teachers from another country directly or indirectly? What was your experiences like? What did you learn from them? What did they learn from you? I would love to hear your stories! Hugs!!