Friday, September 4, 2015

Happy New Year!

For my family and I, the first day of school is always like New Year's Day. In fact we anxiously await, the first day of school, buy new clothes, new school supplies, and celebrate the start of a New School Year!

Back to school Tchr888

For me it's literally the start of a new year, even more so than January 1st! It's a fresh start for me as a teacher, and also for my kids and student's. I have butterflies in my stomach, I'm nervous, I'm excited, yet happy...

The days that lead up to the first day, we close our last year (as a family) and talk about summer favorites, our new goals, our new expectations, and family expectations. We talk about our excitements, and if we are going to try anything new or different, then bam, we hit the new school year running and our HAPPY NEW YEAR begins!

I don't know about you, but for me the months of August and September are busy, exhausting, crazy, and definitely a new beginning! For the first six weeks, my life is literally consumed with the new school year, no joke! If you are reading this blog post, I bet you feel the same way! For this reason, I'm having a #backtoschool and #laborday 2015 giveaway Beginning tonight till Monday 9/7 at Midnight (mountain Standard time)! Hard work pays off and Teachers definitely deserve the rest!

How do you celebrate the new school year with your family! Do you have any traditions? Anything your kids look forward too? Leave a comment below with what you and your kids do!
Don't have any kids? How do you prepare, do you have any childhood memories, you would like to share?

Now on to the giveaway:

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Don't Forget to share with your friends and colleagues! Wishing you a Prosperous & Happy New School Year!!

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Thank you everyone who entered, Wishing you a wonderful school year!! Jennifer is our giveaway winner! We have emailed you please, email us back! :)


  1. No, but I think it is a great idea to start some traditions. Thanks

    1. :) They are so much fun, one of my boys actually wrote about it when he was in fourth grade! I didn't realize it was such a "big deal" for them until I read his essay, so now my hubby and I are intentional about it!

  2. Replies
    1. My kids love that part, and so do I! (school supplies) I go over board!!

  3. We have a huge breakfast together, and discuss our goals for the new year.

    1. That is so sweet!!! Breakfast is one of my favorite meals!! That's my favorite meal to cook, I tend to burn everything else!!!

  4. My son is counting down the days, we are so excited!

  5. Since this is my first year to homeschool, we are just starting some traditions. The first one, of course, is the "First Day of ..." pictures. The second one is a special breakfast to kick-off the new school year. Third, getting to put their new school supplies in their very own school box. It's fun for them to look through all the new supplies they get to use for the year. It's the little things. :-)

    1. Wow! Congratulations and wishing you an amazing first year of homeschooling!!! I agree, it's the little things!! The things "WE" find insignificant at times... mean the most to them! I didn't realize how important this was till I read my son's essay from 4th grade!! It melted me!!