Sunday, November 29, 2015

Winter Wonder Family Memory

I'm excited to announce a winter holiday freebie blog hop! In case this is your first time on my blog, my name is Laura, I am a kindergarten teacher in the lovely Southwest, the beautiful desert in New Mexico. Our winters don't get much snow, unless we drive northeast for about an hour and half, then we get to see a beautiful Winter Wonderland! Winter is always full of wonder and awe for me, I'm often busy with family and mega church productions that I love being part off, but today I will be sharing something near and dear to my heart! A winter wonder family memory and tradition!

One of my favorite winter wonders is baking cookies with my own children during the holiday break. Growing up, I watched my own mother, grandmother, and aunts, gather around the table and bake and cook for what seemed days, getting ready for La Noche Buena. They made tamales, biscochos, buñuelos, posole, and menudo! Then we would stay up till midnight (La Noche Buena) eating, laughing, singing, drinking champurrado (Mexican porridge drink) and telling stories! Then right at midnight we would open our Christmas gifts! A beautiful tradition that I still carry on dearly in my heart, and I'm passing on to my very own, as the years pass on! For this, I celebrate, and as a winter wonder memory, here's fabulous winter holiday freebie just for you, revolving around cookies and counting! May your days be merry, full of wonder and joy! XOXOXOXOXOX!

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P.S. Hop On for another Fabulous Memory and freebie!!

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